Sunday, April 17, 2011

Twenty-nine - Laird Barron

"2011 looks like this at the moment:


The Light is the Darkness Bloodletting Press
"Blackwood's Baby" Ghosts by Gaslight
"The Siphon" Blood and Other Cravings
"The Carrion Gods in Their Heaven" Supernatural Noir
"The Hard and the Soft Kiss, in the Dark Room" mystery antho
"Blood & Stardust," mystery antho"

"Two other stories, "Gula de Saturnus" and "The Men from Porlock" have either found homes or will soon.


"The Forest" will appear in a mega anthology of a 100 years of weird by the VanderMeers. Will also appear in Cuásar, a magazine out of Argentina.
"Proboscis" Creatures
Mysterium Tremendum Wilde Stories
"--30--" Datlow's The Best New Horror of the Year 3
"The Broadsword" Guran's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror of the Year 2011"

5 out of 5

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