Sunday, April 17, 2011

Twenty-nine - Laird Barron

"2011 looks like this at the moment:


The Light is the Darkness Bloodletting Press
"Blackwood's Baby" Ghosts by Gaslight
"The Siphon" Blood and Other Cravings
"The Carrion Gods in Their Heaven" Supernatural Noir
"The Hard and the Soft Kiss, in the Dark Room" mystery antho
"Blood & Stardust," mystery antho"

"Two other stories, "Gula de Saturnus" and "The Men from Porlock" have either found homes or will soon.


"The Forest" will appear in a mega anthology of a 100 years of weird by the VanderMeers. Will also appear in Cuásar, a magazine out of Argentina.
"Proboscis" Creatures
Mysterium Tremendum Wilde Stories
"--30--" Datlow's The Best New Horror of the Year 3
"The Broadsword" Guran's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror of the Year 2011"

5 out of 5

Thirty - Laird Barron

"Let be be finale of seem.

Had the last glass of Maker's Mark and it rained the whole time and now it's dark. I spent the last hour hugging my poor bewildered dogs and telling them how damned sorry I am. You'd think a man would run out of tears. It is a hell of a thing.

My dear friends, colleagues, and readers--thank you. I’ll see you all up the trail."

3.5 out of 5

The New Cthulhu - Paula Guran

"Paula Guran took "Old Virginia" for her Prime Books reprint anthology, due November 2011: New Cthulhu--The Recent Weird. Tales from 2000-2010. So I've a reprint here and an original in Lockhart's Night Shade The Book of Cthulhu. Looking forward to that lineup."

The Crevasse, Dale Bailey & Nathan Ballingrud
Old Virginia, Laird Barron
Shoggoths in Bloom, Elizabeth Bear
Mongoose, Elizabeth Bear & Sarah Monette
The Oram County Whoosit, Steve Duffy
Study in Emerald, Neil Gaiman
Grinding Rock, Cody Goodfellow
Pickman's Other Model (1929), Caitlín Kiernan
The Disciple, David Barr Kirtley
The Vicar of R'lyeh, Marc Laidlaw
Mr Gaunt, John Langan
Take Me to the River, Paul McAuley
The Dude Who Collected Lovecraft, Nick Mamatas & Tim Pratt
Details, China Miéville
Bringing Helena Back, Sarah Monette
Another Fish Story, Kim Newman
Lesser Demons, Norm Partridge
Cold Water Survival, Holly Phillips
Head Music, Lon Prater
Bad Sushi, Cherie Priest
The Fungal Stain, W.H. Pugmire
Tsathoggua, Michael Shea
Buried in the Sky, John Shirley
Fair Exchange, Michael Marshall Smith
The Essayist in the Wilderness, William Browning Spencer
A Colder War, Charles Stross
The Great White Bed, Don Webb

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Beautiful Thing that Awaits Us All - Laird Barron

"The next collection is basically finished--more a matter of deciding what to leave out, although there will be an original novella that'll I'll put together after the novel is done. The latest collection is entitled The Beautiful Thing that Awaits Us All--a gift from my dear friend John Langan. It's a hybrid of Imago and Occultation. I'm
excited about it.

Contents for now--

Blackwood’s Baby

The Carrion Gods in Their Heaven

The Siphon

The Hard and the Soft Kiss, in the Dark Room

American Remake of a Japanese Horror Story


The Beautiful Thing that Awaits Us All

Overheard at the Weber Séance

The Redfield Girls

The Men From Porlock"

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Men From Porlock - Laird Barron

""The Men from Porlock" has been accepted by Ross Lockhart for inclusion in The Book of Cthulhu. Night Shade is publishing that this fall.

It's a 16k novelette; kind of a prequel to Mysterium Tremendum, The Broadsword" and my novel in progress The Croning."