Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WIP:The Beatification of Custer Ferragamo - Laird Barron

"I turned my head and beheld a bear halfway through the door. A big old brute, its shaggy black hide rimed in frost, bits of ice and snow caught in its clabbered jaws. Beady black eyes flared red in the fire glow, rolled in the sockets to the whites and back again. “Oh, shit,” I said. " 4 out of 5

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fifth Annual Shirley Jackson Award Winners

"Fifth Annual Shirley Jackson Award Winners By Ian Randal Strock July 16, 2012 The winners of the fifth annual Shirley Jackson Awards—honoring the literature of psychological suspense, horror, and the dark fantastic—were handed out at this weekend's Readercon. We detailed the nominees in this article. The winners were voted upon by a jury of professional writers, editors, critics, and academics (which included Laird Barron, Matthew Cheney, Maura McHugh, Kaaron Warren, and Gary K. Wolfe), with input from a Board of Advisors (including Bill Congreve, Stefan Dziemianowicz, Liz Hand, Jack M. Haringa, S.T. Joshi, Mike O'Driscoll, Stewart O'Nan, Peter Straub, and Ann VanderMeer), and a Board of Directors (including F. Brett Cox, JoAnn Cox, John Langan, Sarah Langan, and Paul G. Tremblay). The winners are: Novel: Witches on the Road Tonight by Sheri Holman (Grove Press) Novella: "Near Zennor" by Elizabeth Hand (A Book of Horrors, Jo Fletcher Books) Novelette: "The Summer People" by Kelly Link (Tin House 49/Steampunk! An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories, Candlewick Press) Short Fiction: "The Corpse Painter's Masterpiece" by M. Rickert (The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Sept/Oct 2011) Single-Author Collection: After the Apocalypse: Stories by Maureen F. McHugh (Small Beer Press) Edited Anthology: Ghosts by Gaslight edited by Jack Dann and Nick Gevers (Harper Voyager)"

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dark Faith Invocations - Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon

Table of Contents: “Subletting God’s Head” by Tom Piccirilli “The Cancer Catechism” by Jay Lake “The Big Blue Peacock” by Nick Mamatas “Kill the Buddha” by Elizabeth Twist “Robotnik” by Lavie Tidhar “Prometheus Possessed” by Matt Cardin “Night Train” by Alma Alexander “The Sandfather” by Richard Wright “Sacrifice” by Jennifer Pelland “Thou Art God” by Tim Waggoner “Wishflowers” by Tim Pratt “Coin Drop” by Richard Dansky “Starter Kit” by R.J. Sullivan “A Little Faith” by Max Allan Collins and Matthew Clemens “The Revealed Truth” by Mike Resnick “God’s Dig” by Kelly Eiro “The Divinity Boutique” by Brian J. Hatcher “The Birth of Pegasus” by K. Tempest Bradford “All This Pure Light Leaking In” by LaShawn M. Wanak “Fin De Si├Ęcle” by Gemma Files “The Angel Seems” by Jeffrey Ford “Magdala Amygdala” by Lucy A. Snyder “A Strange Form of Life” by Laird Barron “In Blood and Song” by Nisi Shawl and Michael Ehart “Little Lies, Dear Leader” by Kyle S. Johnson “I Inhale the City, the City Exhales Me” by Douglas F. Warrick

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Beatification of Custer Ferragamo - Laird Barron

"Yeah, it was me who assassinated Brass Balls Heyward during the War of Northern Aggression. We was fixin’ to portage Gillis Crick and comin’ on to dusk. Pointed my trusty six shooter at the back of his skull and squeezed the trigger. A lick of flame shot from his hair and he dropped, dead as dirt. I didn’t roll him over, or nothin’. Was a bad business puttin' down poor old Brass Balls; made me sick to my soul and I turned and walked away while the smoke still rose from his corpse. I heard tell from the drovers who packed him into a box that he didn’t have no face left on account of the slug blowin' it off, just a black and bloody hole. Didn’t need the drovers to tell me that. I see that awful wound all the time, peepin’ at me from the shadows." 4 out of 5